(+351) 914 500 006 info@madeira-tourguide.com
(+351) 914 500 006 info@madeira-tourguide.com

About Us


We provide an Excellency of services. Join us on the best selection of cultural and sightseeing tours and walks. These various programs are organized individually for each enquiry/requirement or demand.

With a vast experience on sightseeing tours, we provide unique and exciting journeys taking you to unexplored places (Island Tours). We have our own organized programs (full day and half day tours) to the most attractive places on the island. But you are also free to choose your own itinerary and we will be pleased to fulfill your wishes.

Madeira Tourguide is a little family company with a long-range experience providing sightseeing tours and walks at the Atlantic Pearl Madeira Island.
A local official licensed agency RNAAT 625/2018 and outdoor Madeira is our home, we will show you from the inside out, we have more than 25 years of experience in the branch.

A professional and very friendly, knowledgeable guide is what you can expect, that will take you to discover the island. With a close contact to a local Madeiran, we provide private and exclusive tours with a wonderful atmosphere of holiday for all, family or group. Basically with us, you have all in one, quality vehicle, DRIVER & GUIDE.

If you are keen on walking we have a great choice of pleasant walks. Just inform which degree of walk you are capable to do, which scenery and atmosphere you prefer, what your wishes are, and place an order with us (Levada Walks).

We offer all kind of walks from very easy to moderate, or even more challenging ones (Levada walks or mountain ridges). You can choose walks through cultivated areas having a closer contact with the local Madeirans and their traditional farming life or walks in the luxuriant and virgin rain forest or locations with Atlantic sea views.

More than a simple driver or transport, we offer you a friendship to describe, inform, advise and recommend, which places are the best to visit, what to do, good establishments to eat (meat or fish restaurants). We are 24 hours at your service for any situation. All this we offer to everyone: From families to groups. Experience our professionalism from the airport to your accommodation, you will feel so comfortable with pleasant and honest people.


Madeira Tourguide

Meet the team


Nelson Gomes, team leader, is a licensed local walking and sightseeing tour guide with more than 25 years experience in the branch. He offers extensive Madeira know-how and a hands-on mentality. A wise, professional and experienced guide eager to inform and show you the hidden beauties of Madeira.
Come and explore Madeira with me, I speak Portuguese, German, English and Spanish.


The mountains, the air, the beautiful blue Atlantic and climate are the reasons Joan fell in love with Madeira. Originally born in Berlin, and living for 7 years in Madeira she feels at home here and leading the walking groups along the mountains with breathtaking sea views is her passion and a dream that has come true.
She is always available to suggest and advise you on the best of your interests.
I take care of the office and keep you informed about all our planned activities. I speak fluent German, English and Portuguese.


Hiking in nature was introduced into my life at a young age. As a little girl, I received the teaching of hiking on Madeira from my sweet grandmother, and today, with the experience I have gained, and with great enthusiasm, I share the tradition of my ancestors with my guests.
Hiking is my favorite and best time ever !!!


Uur trilingual tour guide, fluent in German, English, and Polish, based in the heart of Madeira Island. She is not just an expert navigator through Madeira’s stunning landscapes, from its dramatic cliffs to lush mountains, but also a passionate advocate for the local cuisine. They bring to life the island’s beauty and culinary richness, making every tour an unforgettable experience. 


A very polite and friendly social professional driver speaking fluent English with a long experience on sightseeing bus tours, he will also be very pleased to give advice and support to the groups for pleasant moments.
We ensure that your holiday begins with a relaxed journey and we bring you safely and comfortably to your destination.



Driver with more than 20 years of experience in touring with buses, he is available to give advice and support to our groups.


Migo tour guide on 4 feet and mascot from the company, he enjoys the Levada walks and the beautiful views from our buses.